7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

September 7, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

Though most of us are too old to be able to trick or treat anymore, there’s no age too old to dress up! In fact, without the temptation of candy and the toil of walking house to house, Halloween as an adult becomes entirely about costume and impressing your friends when you show up for their Halloween party.

Costumes come in all shapes and sizes, and the only limit to what you can dress up is your imagination and your wallet. But even that last doesn’t have to limit your choices. Here are 7 last minute, inexpensive costumes you can wear this Halloween that’ll still impress.


The mummy is one of the original Universal classic monsters, and lucky for last minute costumes across the world, one of the easiest to make.

While a well-made costume should be made out of strips of white cloth, in a pinch toilet paper is perfect for getting the bandage wrapped look you want.


While a skeleton is usually a complicated costume, this version is pretty simple. You’ll need a white shirt, and a looser black one you don’t mind cutting up.

Once you have both, search out online and print the silhouette of a ribcage. Outline the ribcage design on the black shirt, then cut it out, and when you wear it over the black shirt it’ll look just like a skeleton.


Another universal movie star, the vampire is an incredibly easy costume to put together. No matter whether you drop by the costume shop or dollar store, come Halloween season you’ll be able to pick up a pair of fake fangs. Add a touch of fake blood around the lips and cape with a high collar, and you’re set.

Go Retro

While some deem it lazy, one of the fastest costumes to put together is to dress like you’re from an earlier era like the ’70s or ’80s: who doesn’t love perms and bell-bottoms?

If your closet isn’t already stocked with vintage clothes, a quick trip to your local thrift store or Goodwill will provide a wealth of retro glam options. Just remember that the key to this costume is kitsch, not looking good or maintaining your dignity.

Live the App Life

Why not digitize yourself this Halloween? So long as you have a printer, this costume minimalist but sure to get a laugh. Search online for the icon to your favorite app (Uber, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) and enlarge it so when you print it takes up most of a page.

Cut off the remaining white paper, then glue the icon to a piece of cardboard and use a string to tie it around your neck. It’s simple and clever, but just don’t be surprised when people keep pressing the button all night.

Go On Strike

Like the above costume, get a sheet of cardboard and tie with a string around your neck so it lies on your chest. But instead of gluing on an app icon, get a permanent marker and write who you are and that you’re on strike.

For example, write, “Batman on strike,” or “Prince Charming on Strike.” This is the ultimate ironic costume because it makes your lack of costume the costume itself.


This one’s so simple it almost seems like cheating. All it takes to look like a certified medical professional is a white lab coat and stethoscope, both something you should be able to find at your local thrift store, even at the last minute.

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