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How Title Loans Work

Getting a title loan from Fast Auto Loans, Inc. is fast, easy, and convenient. When you need to know how title loans work, we make it easy for you. At Fast Auto Loans, Inc. we want this to be an efficient title loan process. This means we have made our auto title loan cash process simple for you to understand and quickly get through. If you need a title loan in Arizona, we will go over what you need to know about this loan and our process!

How Do Arizona Auto Title Loans Work?

Step 1: Get In Contact With Us

The first step you have to take is to get in contact with us. You can either call any of our stores or use our online form to instantly send your information to the store location of your choice. The store will call you back fast and you will hear from a friendly store representative.

When fill out the online form, one of our friendly loan representatives will give you a call to help you get started on the rest of the process – which happens in person. They will go over the required items and set up an appointment for you to come in for the vehicle inspection.

Step 2: Come To The Store For Your Appointment

Once you finish the phone call with the representative and you feel you know a little more about how title loans work, the next step is to make sure you are ready for the appointment. The good thing is we only require you to bring in three items that we will assess to determine if you qualify for approval and how much we can lend you.

We purposely keep the list short so you will be sure to remember everything you need. Without these items, there will be no way we can properly determine if you qualify for approval.

The required items that you need to apply for a title loan are:

  • Your vehicle for the quick inspection.
  • The lien-free title of that vehicle in your name.
  • Your driver’s license or a state-issued photo ID.

Step 3: Go Over The Loan Terms And Finish The Paperwork

When you’ve gathered all the required items and you’ve made sure they fit our criteria, you are ready to come in for your meeting. Remember, this meeting allows us to assess your items and determine if you qualify.

The good thing is you’ll only have to wait a few minutes to find out if you qualify for approval and how much we can lend you. If you do qualify, the representative will then move on to explain how title loans work and answer any questions you still may have. They will also help you finish the loan paperwork so you can get your money quickly.

Step 4: Arrange To Get Your Money And Be On Your Way

After you complete your Arizona title loan process – which you can do in as little as 30 minutes – you will arrange to get the cash amount you qualify for either on the same day or the next bank business day.

That is all there is to how title loans work. As you can clearly see, there is no waiting days for the money you need. You can get it quickly and then move onto handling whatever emergency expense you are currently struggling to pay on your own.

Get Through The Title Loan Process Easily, Today!

By now, we hope you can see how simple the process should be for you to find out if you qualify for auto title loan cash. It should always be as easy as you coming in with your driver’s license, lien-free title, and your vehicle, and us telling you if you qualify for approval.

Just make sure your items are ready to go and that your vehicle is in good working condition before we meet you for the inspection. Within a short time, you will know exactly how much we can lend you and if you qualify for approval! We want you to understand just how title loans work and if they can help you.

The next time an emergency hits you, you don’t have to worry about going through a complicated title loan process just to learn how title loans work. We at Fast Auto Loans, Inc. make sure you leave here knowing how does a title loan work completely.

Our loan representatives make sure all of your questions get answered and you arrive to your vehicle inspection meeting knowing fully what to expect. And if you do get approved for a title loan, we make sure you get the auto title loan cash either on the same day or the next bank business day. So, don’t wait to fill out the online form to finally learn how title loans work. Thank you for choosing Fast Auto Loans, Inc. for your emergency cash needs!

Title Loan

Title Loans

Getting an online title loan is easy! No store visit required, we come to you! Get the cash deposited straight into your bank account, and even keep your car!

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Registration Loans

Get up to $900 for a Registration Loan fast. This type of loan considers your vehicle’s equity, meaning the difference between the amount you owe for the vehicle and the amount your vehicle is worth.

Fast Auto Loans Inc

You will be on your way to our store in no time since the call only takes a few minutes. All you need is the following items:

  • Driver’s License or State Issued I.D.
  • Lien-Free Title to Your Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle for Inspection

We also welcome all credit, so fill out our online request form and get started now!

All you have to do to start the process right now is submit our online request form on this page and one of our friendly store associates will call you right back.

When you’re ready to get the emergency cash you need without all the hassles of a traditional loan, Fast Auto Loans, Inc. has you covered. It doesn't matter what has left you in need of cash, because with a car title pawn you could get up to $15,000 today.

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