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How To Get A Vehicle Registration Loan If You Never Have Before

The process of obtaining any type of loan, including a vehicle registration loan, is pretty much the same. You would have to contact the lender, arrange a meeting, sign all the necessary documents, and find out whether you qualify for approval or not.

The main thing that would be different is the list of items needed. And that’s exactly why people who have never applied for a loan before might decide to go for a registration loan. This is the only car-related loan that allows you to borrow money even if you haven’t paid off your vehicle yet.

What You Should Know Before Getting A Vehicle Registration Loan

A car registration is a document that proves that you have registered your car in your state and that you have taken care of any relevant fees and taxes. The registration has to typically be renewed every 1-2 years.

A vehicle registration loan, in its turn, is a short-term loan that uses your car’s registration as collateral. Some people like to think of this type of loan as an alternative to title loans. Both involve vehicle-related documents, but a registration loan allows you to borrow money even if you’re still making payments on the car.

Who Can Benefit From A Vehicle Registration Loan?

Those who do not own their car outright

Every third American adult relies on an auto loan to pay for their vehicle. This means that over 30% of people over the age of 18 in the US do not own their car outright.

This can become a problem if a person ever decides to apply for a title loan as the title for the vehicle will become lien-free only once the car is fully paid off.

Thankfully, there is a way for those who have such a valuable asset as a vehicle to use it to borrow money. A registration loan allows you to receive the much-needed cash, even if your title is not clear.

Those who live in Arizona

Registration loans are unique to the state of Arizona. Using the registration of the vehicle that is in your name in this particular state to get money is completely legal, and many people have already taken advantage of this fact.

Those who need quick cash

Registration loans can be considered by those who have found themselves in an emergency situation. This way of borrowing money allows you to get your hands on the cash in the shortest timeframe as the lenders do not have as many requirements as traditional banks.

You also wouldn’t have to wait until your car is fully paid off with a vehicle registration loan. Get the cash exactly when you need it without any unwanted complications.

How To Get A Vehicle Registration Loan?

When there is an emergency that you have to deal with straight away, you wouldn’t want to spend your precious time trying to gather the right documents to be able to borrow the amount that you need.

vehicle registration loan

Fast Auto Loans, Inc. respects your time, and that’s why the whole application process has been made extremely simple.

By the way, one of the main differences between title and registration loans is the fact that when applying for the latter you wouldn’t have to get your vehicle inspected. This fact will make the process even easier (you wouldn’t have to spend time getting the car ready for the inspection).

  1. All you would have to do is quickly fill in an electronic form.
  2. Wait for a company representative to call you to talk you through the whole process.
  3. Head to the nearest store location with all the necessary documents (there are 28 locations for you to choose from).
  4. Wait for the agent to determine whether you qualify for approval. With a registration loan, you’ll be able to receive up to $900 which might be just enough to make your life a whole lot easier.
  5. Get the sum that you have qualified for as soon as…the same day! Or the next working day.

What Are The Required Items?

The documents that you will need include:

  • An Arizona driver’s license
  • Vehicle registration in your name
  • An active bank account
  • A valid SSN

The best part is that you get to keep your car while repaying the loan, so you can carry on with your regular life.

Get Started Now!

You shouldn’t worry about getting a vehicle registration loan, even if you have never applied for one before. The process is extremely simple from start to finish. The representatives at Fast Auto Loans, Inc. understand that you’re already going through a lot and we’re willing to make your life easier by helping you get the money that you need.

The sooner you submit your inquiry, the faster you will receive the cash. So, don’t forget to get started today.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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