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Special Ways To Show Gratitude Now And All Year

Many of us look for ways to show gratitude as soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, but there is plenty we can be thankful for throughout the year. From how we interact with others to reflecting on the many things we have at home, opportunities abound to be more grateful day to day. It’s time to experience these benefits for yourself through these 10 special ways to show gratitude all year round.

Try These 10 Ways To Show More Gratitude Throughout The Year

1. Give Genuine Compliments

Everyone has something they can be complimented on. Choose a genuine thing you like about a person and say it. Whether you appreciate their humor, beautiful smile, style, or decision-making skills, you’ll make their day and express the things you’re thankful to have seen. And the next time you’re relishing an old memory or thinking of a positive quality someone has, let the other person know. There’s nothing like knowing that you’ve positively affected someone you know.

2. Schedule Time To Reflect

If you are trying to find ways to show gratitude, taking time to reflect is a good thing to include on your list. Pencil out an hour every week to sit down alone with no distractions and reflect on the good things in your life. Say some of them out loud to truly connect with your inner gratitude. This can be a great reminder to yourself that there are good things to look forward to in your life.

3. Congratulate Others

We are used to congratulating others for birthdays, anniversaries, and promotions, but we often overlook the little challenges people overcome every day. The next time your friend or loved one is going through a personal rut and takes a step in the right direction, congratulate them. You’ll be supporting them in a way that will make them thankful for both your friendship and their own effort.

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4. Volunteer

If you are grateful for what you have, one of the ways to show gratitude is to share it with others. Volunteer, donate, or fundraise to help those less fortunate. You never know when someone might see you helping them and decide to pay it forward. Paying it forward is when someone is nice to you, so as a chain reaction you are nice to someone else. This is a wonderful way to spread gratitude and a positive attitude throughout your community.

5. Tip For Great Service

We can oftentimes overlook the service we receive at stores or restaurants. If you’ve received amazing service at a restaurant, salon, office, or elsewhere, consider thanking the employee with a generous tip. Be sure that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and positively impact them in a way anyone can appreciate. They work hard enough as it is and this tip can really help them out or just make them feel appreciated.

6. Tell Someone What They Mean to You

Sit down and write a letter to someone very important to you every month or two. Write about why they are important to you and what you admire about them. Then, send or deliver this letter to the person. You could even call them and read it out loud. Your bond with that person will be strengthened and you’ll both feel more appreciation for your relationship.

7. Buy Or Make Thoughtful Gifts

Instead of buying a gift card for the next holiday, sit down and think of a sentimental and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. You could design a calendar, make something by hand, or buy something that you truly know they will enjoy. And you don’t even have to blow your entire budget either. Just make sure you are really giving your gift some thought. This shows great consideration and love for that person.

8. Send A Thank-You Note

Handwritten thank-you notes are one of the best ways to show gratitude. The next time someone does something you appreciate, send them a handwritten thank you note. No emails, no texts, and no calls – handwritten. This old-school way of expressing gratitude hits home and puts in a little extra effort to show how much the other person’s actions mean to you.

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9. Write In A Journal

A daily gratitude journal is another one of the wonderful ways to show gratitude for the good in your life – even on the mornings when you may not feel excited about going to work. You only need five minutes in the morning to write it in and you’ll set yourself up for a more positive day. You don’t even have to write full sentences. Just as long as you get everything you are grateful for that day down on paper, that is what counts.

10. Show Gratitude During Financial Troubles

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Stay Thankful Regardless Of The Circumstances

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