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How Title Loans Could Give You the Boost You Need

In life, all of us could use a boost. Today’s financial landscape harries the average American on every side: falling wages, student debt, credit cards, and an unstable economy all add up to more than a lot of Americans can handle. How is the average American fighting back? Simple: with title loans.

‘Title loans Arizona’ is a popular search term in our state for just that reason. Title loans are a type of fast, short term loan that’s versatile and useful for helping you get back on your feet after an emergency or just give you the spring in your step you need to face life’s challenges.

Today we’re going to look at all the ways that a title loan can give you a boost.

Title Loan Primer

Before we can start on that all, first we need to get a solid grounding of what a title loan is. Title loans in Arizona are short term loans designed to help those that need access to fast cash. A title loan utilizes the inherent value of your vehicle as collateral for the amount of your loan. Because of this, title loans are largely credit score agnostic: unlike traditional loans, title loans don’t care as much about your credit score, and don’t report to credit agencies should you default on your loan.

Getting Out of An Emergency

One of the key functions and ways that a title loan can boost your life is by helping you recover and recharge after an emergency. Job loss, car accident, or hospital visit are all emergencies that can be utterly brutal on your bank account. Studies show that most American’s can’t handle a $400 emergency. Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have more than that in their savings, then the best road to recovery is with a title loan.

And the road to recovery will take money. All of the above listed emergencies taken money to handle: losing a job means you need to find another income stream immediately, car accidents mean you lose your primary source of transportation and cars aren’t cheap to replace anyway, and a hospital visit can easily cost you upwards of a few thousand dollars just for a few hours time.

America is a country with an extremely minimal social safety net, public transportation infrastructure, and also the most expensive healthcare of anywhere in the first world. All those factors mean emergencies can strip you of money immediately and irreversibly if you don’t have access to fast cash like a title loan.


Another way you can use title loans to supercharge your financial situation is by using them to invest in your future. This can take a few forms: education, stocks, real estate, or expanding your business. All of them can have potentially huge payoffs down the road with only a small investment now. They say it takes money to make money, and a title loan is a way to jump start the process for those who don’t have that initial investment money.

It’s important to not just act on a hunch though when it comes to investing. Instead, you should have a well thought out plan with clear and concrete outcomes since, after all, how do you know you’ve won if ‘won’ isn’t defined? All too often investment is a game of feeling and ambiguity, and we’re left dissatisfied because we don’t have clear goals and outcomes in mind from the outset.

The other important part of investing is having a clear idea of the upsides of the investment instead of a vague feeling of excitement. If you’re investing in your education, for example, do research before taking classes on exactly how much you’ll be making at the higher position or job you’re looking to attain. Check income numbers, and even make an effort to talk to people already in those positions to see if they’re right for you and will match what you expect.

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Title Loans Arizona

We pride ourselves here at Fast Auto Loans Inc. on providing the title loans Arizona needs. If after this article you think a title loan is the boost you need, then just fill out the simple online form at the top of the page, after which one of our representatives will give you a call to walk you through the title loan process.

Title loans can be a powerful tool for fixing your economic problems and supercharging your life situation, and with the right tools everything life throws at you, every challenge, can be handled and overcome.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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