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7 Tips To Save Money Fast

Saving money can be a difficult thing to do – especially when life can be so unpredictable at times. Are you having trouble covering your expenses from month to month? Do you need to get cash together for a larger expense that seems rather insurmountable in your current financial state? Here are our top 7 tips to save money fast.

Use These Tips To Save Money Quickly

1. Cut Cable

A classic on the majority of tips to save money fast, cutting cable is a money-saving tip that has been around for as long as cable itself has been around. There is no way around it, cable is expensive. And with as many subscription services available, having expensive cable is not really necessary. If you have cable, chances are you could save up to $200 by cutting it.

2. Update Your Subscriptions Or Memberships

That said, these days many people eschew cable altogether. Younger generations, especially, prefer to stick to streaming services. But you should only choose the subscription services you know you will use.

If you have no cable but are subscribed to multiple streaming services, chances are you could save around $100 by canceling the majority and leaving just one. Say just Netflix or HBO Plus, depending on your tastes.

In fact, you should review all your subscriptions, memberships, and even premium apps, while you’re at it. If you’re not using it once every few days at least – it should be on the chopping block.

3. Cook At Home

Another classic among tips to save money fast is cutting down – or altogether cutting – eating out and ordering takeout. Instead, you should be cooking your meals at home. Sounds tiresome and boring, sure, but if you want to save money, you should make the sacrifice. Chances are eating out is secretly the biggest unnecessary expense you’ve got.

4. Kick A Bad Habit

A rather overlooked option among tips to save money fast is kicking a bad habit. If you’re a smoker or consume alcohol on the regular, you might be wasting anywhere between $100 and $200 on this little vice of yours.

And if having more cash left at the end of the month isn’t enough motivation, keep in mind that as years go by, your health insurance will start to cost significantly more than people who aren’t habitual smokers. So there’s a long-term financial benefit to this option as well. Plus you avoid any health complications that could arise from smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

5. Reduce Fixed Expenses

As tips to save money fast, this isn’t the easiest. But this tip is likely to have the largest long-term impact – well, maybe aside from the “drop eating out” one. This is mostly because it will help you save money month after month and you have the highest chances of sticking to it long-term.

While reducing bills like rent and utilities are harder – but not impossible – you could do it by switching to a cheaper living area, smaller apartment, or getting a roommate.

There are also a bunch of bills you could negotiate – insurance, mobile plans, even credit card payments. And there are apps to help you do so even! Try Trim or Truebill, for example, and see how it goes for you.

6. Consolidate Your Debt

While not an ideal way of dealing with debt – the ideal being actually paying off your debts fully – consolidating your debt could help if you have multiple debts and need to save money. Consolidating means combining your debts into one and putting just one – typically lower – payments towards it. If you start considering it – don’t be hasty and shop around for the best options.

7. Try The “No-Spend” Challenge

This is a rather recent addition on the tips to save money fast, but one that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

The challenge is exactly what you think when you hear “no-spend challenge”. You start by choosing a week or a month, or even a year where you spend no money at all, on anything. The short-term ones tend to be stricter; you aren’t supposed to spend money even on necessities like food or gas. The more long-term ones concentrate on curbing non-essential spending, while obviously accounting for necessary expenses such as rent, food, and so on.


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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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