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Is It Possible To Get A Title Loan Completely Online?

If you’re interested in a title loan as a borrowing option, then you might wonder whether you can get a title loan completely online. The truth is that, if you come to Fast Auto Loans, Inc., you can’t get one completely online. But this doesn’t mean the process isn’t simple and quick. In fact, we make sure to make everything as simple as possible for you. So, while you can’t get this loan completely online, keep reading to learn how we do things here.

Here Are 4 Reasons We Need To See You In Person

When it comes to title loans and the reason you can’t get a title loan completely online, there are various reasons why we need to see you in person before we can decide if you qualify for approval. We use your title as collateral to secure the loan, which means we need to see the title and the vehicle in person. The title is the ‘weight’ that makes us willing to trust you. The simple fact that you’re willing to put up an asset in exchange for money shows us you are serious about repaying.

By this explanation, you can probably understand at heart why getting a title loan completely online isn't possible. There are simply too many unknowns for us to take a vehicle’s purported worth and the title’s validity at face value. We also want to make sure you understand the loan terms, and the best way to do that is to be with you in person. Here are the four reasons we need to see you in person so you understand better.

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1. We Need To See Your Vehicle

The first reason we need to see you as opposed to you getting a title loan completely online is we need to see the vehicle. The amount you could qualify for on a car title loan is determined by the value of your car, both in condition and resale value. This means we will have to inspect your vehicle before we can move on through the process. Don’t worry, we are just looking to see if there is any damage that could potentially impact the vehicle’s ability to work as normal.

2. We Have To Verify Your Title

Similarly, we need to check the lien-free vehicle title in person; it’s too important not to and it’s another reason you can’t get a title loan completely online. The title needs to be lien-free, meaning that there are no claims against its value issued by a third party. If there is, you’ll have to go to the DMV to have the lien removed. Additionally, the title must match the vehicle and be in your name. If it doesn’t or your name doesn’t appear, you’ll also have to get this resolved before you come in.

3. We Need To Verify Your Identity

Another reason you can’t get a title loan completely online is we need to confirm by law who we’re dealing with. We need to make sure that you are who you say you are and that you aren’t a minor. We can’t give out a loan to anyone that is under the age of 18 – in reality, no loan lender can. And we also have to make sure you are an Arizona resident. You can use either your driver’s license or your state-issued photo ID.

4. We Want To Go Over The Loan Terms In Person

The last reason we need to see you in person is because we want to make sure you understand the process. Going over important terms and conditions is always better in person. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have and we’ll be able to walk you step by step through the terms. We can also help you finish the paperwork correctly while we are in person, rather than over the computer or the phone.

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Our Convenient Options

While you can’t get a loan completely online, you can choose where you meet up with a title loan representative, giving you the maximum convenience possible. To set up an online title loan, fill out the online form on our website. Once we receive your form, one of our loan representatives from the nearest store will give you a call. You can then set up a meeting at another location of your choosing. And if you are approved, we will bring the paperwork for you to fill out.

Start Your Convenient Loan Journey Today!

While getting a title loan completely online isn’t possible, here at Fast Auto Loans, Inc., we do what we can to make your loan journey as convenient as possible. Life isn’t always as cut and dry as we’d like it to be, and when emergency situations leave you unable to cover your costs, one of our loans may be able to help. Just call us up or complete the request form right here on our website and we will help you set up the simple meeting wherever you want to meet.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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