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Can I Pawn My Car And Still Drive It?

If you have been thinking, "can I pawn my car and still drive it," you aren't the only one. People may think that acquiring money for your car title or your car registration means you have to give up driving it while you make your repayments. However, you will soon realize that isn't true when you come to Fast Auto Loans, Inc. for either loan. With this guide, you’ll quickly see that you can get either title loans or registration loans without having to give up your vehicle.

How You Can Pawn Your Car While Driving It

At first thought, you might assume that the answer to the question “can I pawn my car and still drive it?” is an immediate no. However, that isn't the case when you get a title or registration loan from us at Fast Auto Loans, Inc. for help. We understand that your car is your lifeline. After all, it's often the only way you have of getting to work, taking the kids to school, and doing your weekly grocery shopping.

So, we don't want to take that away from you while you repay a necessary loan. With our title loans and registration loans, you can continue driving your vehicle as normal while repaying. Keep in mind that for either loan, we are either using the title or the registration as collateral – not the vehicle itself. So, just stick to the repayment plan and you're all set! But let's take a closer look at both of these loan types. 

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Title Loans Are For Those Who Are Done Paying Off Their Car

If you're wondering, "can I pawn my car and still drive it" if you are thinking of getting title loans, there are some things to keep in mind. When it comes to getting title loans, your vehicle needs to be fully paid off before you can come see us. This means if you are still making payments, you won’t qualify for this loan. On that same note, your vehicle’s title needs to be lien-free. This means that it is clear of any outstanding liens or judgments.

We use your vehicle’s title as collateral which means we place a lien on your title until you fully repay the loan. We can’t do that if your title already has a lien on it. Lastly, your title needs to be in your name as well. If your name does not appear anywhere on the title, this means you don’t legally own the vehicle. If you see that you need to make any changes to the name on the title or to remove any liens, you’ll have to go to the DMV. Here is a list of the required items we need for title loans:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.
  • A lien-free vehicle title in your name.
  • Your vehicle for the inspection.

Registration Loans Are For Those Who Are Still Making Car Payments

As an Arizona resident, if you are asking the question “can I pawn my car and still drive it” but you aren’t finished paying off your vehicle, you have another option. Instead of getting a title loan from us at Fast Auto Loans, Inc., you can get a registration loan. Like title loans, registration loans aren’t using your vehicle as collateral, which means you can keep driving your vehicle while you repay this loan to us. But unlike title loans, registration loans are using your vehicle’s registration as collateral.

The difference in collateral means you can still make car payments and find out if you qualify for this loan. We don’t require that you be done paying off your vehicle. We do, however, require that the registration be in your name and valid in Arizona. We also will need to run your credit prior to us telling you if you qualify for approval and how much we can lend you. Here is a list of our required items you’ll need to bring to us:

  • Your driver’s license or government-issued photo ID.
  • An active checking account in your name.
  • Your valid social security number.
  • An Arizona motor vehicle registration in your name.

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How To Pawn Your Car

By now, this guide should have answered the question “can I pawn my car and still drive it” by giving you the two loans we offer at Fast Auto Loans, Inc. when you need quick money. The good thing is, whether you go for title loans or registration loans, the process is simple and quick. Keep in mind that if you go for title loans, you can get between $300 - $15,000. If you are going for registration loans, you can get anything up to $900. Here is a breakdown of each process below:

  • For title loans:
    • Complete the online form found on our website to get a call from one of our loan representatives at the nearest Arizona title loan location.
    • The representative will discuss the process and ensure you have the necessary documents. They’ll also ask where you'd like to meet for the vehicle inspection since you don’t have to do the inspection at the store.
    • Arrive on time with your required items. The loan representative will analyze your documents and quickly inspect your vehicle to establish whether you qualify.
    • If you do qualify, they will go over our loan terms and help you finish the paperwork. Once you sign, you will get the amount you were approved for on the same day or the next bank business day.
  • For registration loans:
    • Complete the online form found on our website to get a call from us. Make sure you select registration loans from the dropdown menu since we also offer title loans.
    • We will give you a call to discuss the rest of the process and requirements. Don't forget to ask any questions at this stage! We will also set up the appointment for you. Unlike title loans, you need to come to the store to complete the process.
    • When you arrive, one of our loan representatives will analyze your documents and run a quick credit check to determine if you can gain approval.
    • If you are approved, we'll help you finish the paperwork and go over the terms of this loan as well. Once you are done signing everything, you can get the money either on the same day or the next bank business day.

Get Title Loans Or Registration Loans Today

So, when it comes to the question “can I pawn my car and still drive it?” the answer is a resounding yes at Fast Auto Loans, Inc.! By taking out a title or registration loan, you can keep driving your car while you repay the borrowed amount. All you need to do is adhere to the repayment plan, and you're good to go. Get a title or registration loan today by completing our easy online request form right now.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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