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10 Great Paying Non-College Degree Jobs

The world does not revolve around getting a college degree. While there are only a few incredibly gifted and fortunate individuals with only high school diplomas that have burst into the very wealthy 1%, you would be surprised by how many Americans today live comfortably without a college degree.

Here are just 10 great paying jobs that do not require a college degree. With it, hopefully, you can be on your way to living the fruitful life you deserve.

You Don’t Need A College Degree With These Options

Home Care Aide

If you enjoy helping those that have difficulties helping themselves, then we suggest looking into the fulfilling – and lucrative – the occupation of home care aide. While normally tending to basic chores such as cooking, cleaning, and providing transportation, there is always the possibility of stepping into a more prominent and vital role for your patient.


Do you enjoy working with your hands, but also have visions for cleanliness, organization, and potentially even art? Being a landscaper comes with far more work and responsibility than a simple groundskeeper, but it also comes with room for independence and creative input.

Dental Assistant

If you've always been intrigued by medicine but never considered going through medical school then perhaps being a dental assistant is your calling. You will be the first face that handles patients in a dentist's office where you will assist with cleaning teeth, sterilizing instruments, and helping the dentist with procedures.

Solar Panel Installation

Installing solar panels is a way to make great money while still contributing to the betterment of our environment. This involves not only installation but also repair and maintenance. So if you again enjoy working with your hands and being outside, you could do far worse than rooftop installations with a great view.

Nail Technician

This is one of the fastest-growing jobs that does not require a college degree. Being a nail technician is an extremely skilled task that requires experience and dedication; but for those of you that have been doing your friends' nails all your life, you already have experience. All you will need is your nail technician certification and you can start getting paid for what you love and what you probably did just this past week.


This is another great paying job made for those who like to work with your hands. Unfortunately, plumbing may not be the most flattering of occupations. That is until you look at their salary. Because plumbers are always in high demand, and with the overall small number of plumbers in service, you can make a significant amount of money for just fixing and maintaining pipes.

Insurance Sales Agent

This is perfect for anyone who considers themselves a "people" person. Being a successful insurance sales agent requires that exact skill – talking and making connections with people. Insurance agents that acquire and maintain many clients can make incredible money. So if you have the right attitude and personality, why not capitalize on it?

Restaurant Cook

Like a lot of jobs dealing with skill and creativity, the road to becoming a successful restaurant cook—and potentially chef—is not a straight line. And by no means does it require a college degree. Starting at the very bottom of an established restaurant as a line cook, you will be surprised where you can go with the right amount of passion and hard work.

Recreation And Fitness

You can always join the recreation and fitness world. People are constantly looking for new ways to get in shape. That means there are many ways you can join this field to provide the services and supervision needed to help run any gym, studio, or class out there.


This job involves a lot of training but is also so fulfilling. For those interested, you will not only deal with fires, but also with medical services, car accidents, and an array of other emergencies. This job requires those dedicated to serving, so understand this before you jump straight in.


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