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Empty Pockets? Here's How a Title Loan Could Help

How do you pull yourself out of a downward financial spin? It’s a question millions of us have asked ourselves throughout our lives, and that’s for good reason: it’s extremely hard to answer and why ‘title loan Tucson AZ’ is such a popular search term in our state. Finances are a slippery slope where once you have money it’s easy to get more, while once you’re on the downslope you’re constantly losing money.

Today we’re going to look both at what causes the downward financial spiral that leads to an emptying of your pockets, and how a title loan can help you pull out of that spiral and prevent you from ever falling into the same spiral again.

How Finances Spiral

So why do your finances seem to either spiral down or jump upward? The causes are complicated and varied and examples boundless:

  • Low Credit Score: the way the credit, loaning, and debt system in our country is constructed creates a piling on effect. If you miss a debt payment, for example to your credit card, it will lower your credit score as a whole. The lower your credit score, the more interest you’ll be charged on everything from your credit score to mortgage to car payments, meaning your net expenses go up and the chances of you missing another debt payment and lowering your credit score again becomes more likely.
  • Lack of Prevention: that old saying about how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Despite being incredibly accurate, if you don’t have even an ounce, then you can’t avail yourself of it. In an attempt to save or simply because we don’t have any money, often we kick the can of a problem down the road without realizing it’ll grow into an even bigger problem by the time we get there. Studies have shown that a massive amount of medical costs, for example, can be completely avoided by simply doing a little prevention and early care.
  • Stress: the mental toll inflicted by the stress of being poor simply can’t be overstated. Being poor inflicts multiple sources of anxiety and stress: sleep deprivation, having to work two jobs, going hungry. The effect of all this mental stress manifests in poor decision in certain cases (unnecessary purchases due to lack of willpower energy, for example), and lack of planning in others which can have long term costs.


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How Title Loans Help

There are three primary ways that a title loan Tucson AZ can help when the chips are down and your pockets empty: pulling you out of an emergency, preventing greater problems in the future, and investing in your future.

  • Emergencies: studies show most Americans have almost no savings dedicated to handling emergencies and a sudden $400 expense will plummet them into debt. Worse, if they have a poor credit score, securing a loan can be difficult and come with sky-high interest rates that can create an emergency all of their own in the future when they become difficult to pay off. By contrast, a title loan is more accepting of a questionable credit score and significantly faster to obtain and walk out with your cash. The process from start to finish can take as little as a half hour in some cases, and you could obtain up to $15,000.
  • Prevention: as we discussed above, just a little prevention can go a long way and prevent a huge amount of pain and cost in the future. A title loan, for example, could help pay for filling a cavity in one of your teeth now so that you can avoid a root canal or even tooth removal in the future.
  • Investing: while not many of us have access to high value stocks or real estate (one of the reasons it’s easy for the rich to get richer), there are still investments that a little help now can go a long way towards improving your financial situation. Education, for example, is a kind of investment that can be hugely fruitful in the long term, whether that takes the form of college classes or simply an online certification in your field. A title loan is the perfect way to invest in your future.

Choosing the Right Title Loan

If you’re interested in a title loan, then the process is simple. Just fill out the online request form at the top of this page and you’ll be taking the first step into your title loan Tucson AZ future and hopefully pulling yourself out of a financial spiral.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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