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How To Get Last-Minute Cash Fast

At times, having a little extra cash can make all the difference. This is particularly true during the holiday season when expenses tend to increase, and our budgets are put to the test. If you find yourself in need of additional funds, there are several options available to you.

You can consider taking up some gigs that allow you to earn cash quickly, like completing online surveys, pet sitting, or driving for a ride-sharing service. Additionally, if you own a vehicle, you might want to consider getting a title loan, which can provide you with a lump sum of cash in exchange for using your car as collateral. Let’s dive into all the options you can have.

1. Babysit

Babysitting is a tried and true method that’s been working for generations. Since it’s considered an easy gig, many tend to look down on it and consider the job to be below them. But babysitting’s nothing to sneeze at. People always need help with kids and they’re ready to pay an adult an extra buck compared to teens.

2. Pet Sit And Dog Walk

While working with pets generally doesn’t pay as well as working with kids, they have another advantage; they allow you to work with several at once.

Find out if your neighbors need someone to take care of their cat or pooch while they’re away for the holidays – and if there are several, you could be looking at some serious money.

3. Participate In Focus Groups

Focus groups are a surprisingly well-paid gig, considering they usually take less than a day. If you get lucky and you get into a series of focus groups with the survey lasting several days, you could even earn your entire holiday budget in one go.

Some focus groups pay better than others, so do a little bit of research before signing up. But no matter how you cut it, this is a seriously underappreciated way to earn money that can be easily incorporated into the schedule, no matter how busy you are.

4. Declutter

Are you a typical American over-consumer? In that case, there are bound to be some items you don’t use lying around the house. Channel your inner Marie Kondo; clean up and sell the stuff that’s in good condition on the internet.

5. Become An UberEats Driver

Food deliveries are becoming ever more popular, and the holiday season will bring in even more customers. This means UberEats could always use another driver. Check-in with them if they need one in your area. The best part is you can come up with your own schedule and work it around your full-time job.

6. Write

Have a way with words? Find a freelance writing gig on the internet. Whether it is covering events, writing papers for companies, or helping students with their papers, there are plenty of ways you make money with writing.

7. Design

Know your way around Photoshop or another design program? Take up an easy design project. Just like with writing, you can find a ton of companies that need a hand with their design needs. And many companies would rather hire a freelancer than a big design company.

8. Transcribe

While not as lucrative as writing or designing, it doesn’t require any special skills. All you need to do is carefully listen to the text and then write it down. You can find a lot of companies in need of transcribing. You have an even wider range if you happen to know more than one language fluently.

9. Find A One-Off Gig In The Area

Does someone in your area need help? Maybe they need their house cleaned, or car washed, or they need help with moving. The possibilities are endless if you are willing to put in the work.

Look at the fliers in your neighborhood and check out Craigslist ads for your area. The chances of finding a one-off gig that will add a few dollars to your savings are higher than you think.

10. Take Out A Quick Title Loan

If you have a car, then there’s no easier and quicker way to get some money than a title loan from Fast Auto Loans, Inc. in Arizona. A title loan is a loan that you obtain when you use your vehicle’s title as collateral. This loan is a short-term loan, which means it will not permanently fix your finances. If you plan on using it to pay off debts, then a title loan is not what you are looking for.


fast cash need title loan emergency


This loan is made for sudden emergencies you need help dealing with. Anything like medical bills, home repairs, or sudden unemployment are all examples.

What Are The Benefits Of Title Loans Near Me?

Firstly, title loans are fast, possibly the fastest loan you can take out. On average the approval process takes between 30 minutes. And you can either come to one of our many Fast Auto Loans, Inc. locations or have one of our loan representatives come to you.

Secondly, since title loans are a secured type of loan and your car will be acting as collateral, we are much more flexible in accepting credit that is not so great or even those that don’t even have a credit history.

How Do I Acquire A Title Loan?

There are a few title loan requirements you need to satisfy when applying for a title loan. You have to be at least 18 years old with a government-issued ID proving it, own a vehicle of any kind, and have that vehicle’s title be in your name and lien-free.

This is how the process will go like this:

  1. You fill out our online form;
  2. A loan representative from the nearest Fast Auto Loans, Inc. will give you a call;
  3. You either give them a location or you come to us;
  4. You provide them with your ID to prove you’re a legal adult and the title;
  5. The representative will look over your items and inspect your vehicle;
  6. You learn if you’ve been approved and for how much. If you come to us then you will get your cash the same day. If we meet you then you will get your money the very next bank business day.

When it comes to needing last-minute fast cash, there are so many ways you can do it. These ten ways are just some of the many options you have available to you.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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