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How To Get An Arizona Car Title Replacement

The process of applying for a car title replacement in Arizona is simple, you just have to fill out the correct forms and supply the proper documentation to the Department of Motor Vehicles. This can be done in person or by mail. No one likes having to make a special trip to the DMV, but you need to have a current car title in order to keep your car street legal.

Follow These Steps To Get An Arizona Car Title Replacement

What You Need To Replace Your Car Title

One of the good things about getting a car title replacement in Arizona is that you do not need to bring in a long list of materials with you when you are applying for your replacement. In fact, there are only a handful of things that you need to bring with you when you are applying. The first thing that you need to provide is the application that you have filled out.

This document is called the Title and Registration Application, also known as document 96-0236. There are a few other things that you will need to provide in addition to filling out this form. You will need to provide the $4 application fee, and you will have to bring a copy of your driver’s license, or another valid form of government-issued photo ID.

If you have all of these materials and paperwork ready to go, the application process will be smooth and simple for you. Depending on your location and the requirements of your local Motor Vehicle Division, there are a few other things that you might need to bring along to get through the process.

Do keep in mind that you might not have to bring each and every one of these items with you when you submit your application for a car title replacement. However, having these things will make the process easier for you if you do end up needing them. These things might include the following:

  • Your license plate number.
  • The Vehicle Identification Number, as well as the make, model, and year of the vehicle.
  • Your vehicle registration information, as well as your proof of ownership.
  • Any relevant lien details for the car.

How To Get A Car Title Replacement In Arizona

Once you have the forms and items ready, you can start the process of replacing your car title. There are a few different ways that you can go about applying for a car title replacement in Arizona. The two primary ways that you can do this are to either submit the application in person or submit it through the mail.

Applying For A Replacement In Person

The best way that you can go about applying for a car title replacement in Arizona is by submitting the application in person. In order to do this, you need to find your local Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles Office. When you do this, you will need to bring your title and registration application with you, having already filled it out in advance.

When you are filling out the application, make sure you remember to check the “Title Only” and “Duplicate” boxes on the form. You will also have to have the owner sign the application if the car belongs to somebody else at the time, and you will have to include the odometer reading on the form as well.

Applying For Your Replacement Car Title By Mail

You can also apply for your replacement car title by sending your application in through the mail. If you do this, be sure to include all the same information that you have to include if you are submitting the form in person. Additionally, you will have to show your ID and you will have to pay the relevant fees. Once you have done this, you can mail the documents to this address:

Motor Vehicle Division.

4005 N. 51st Avenue.

Mail Drop 555M.

Phoenix, AZ 85031.

Updating Your Information

When you apply for your car title replacement, it is a good idea to update any of your personal information that has changed since the last time you applied for a car title. This helps to keep all of your financial information current and accurate in the computer systems and allows you to avoid any unnecessary issues.

Arizona car title replacement

Applying For An Arizona Title Loan

One of the benefits that come along with applying for a replacement car title is that it gives you the freedom to apply for an Arizona title loan when you need quick money. This loan allows you to use your vehicle’s lien-free title as collateral for a lump sum of cash. If you need emergency cash to pay for an urgent expense, this is one option that you can consider to make ends meet.

If you want to learn more about getting a car title loan from Fast Auto Loans, Inc., go to our website. You can even fill out the online form to get started on the process. A title loan representative from the nearest Arizona title loan location will give you a call to help you continue and set up an appointment for you to meet with us.

Get Your Arizona Car Title Replacement Right Now

If your car’s title gets damaged or lost, you want to get the car title replacement as soon as you possibly can. If you need to replace your vehicle title in Arizona for whatever reason, these are the steps that you can take to get it done. And once you have the replaced title, you can then use it for an Arizona title loan. Fill out the online form to get started.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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