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9 Fun Facts About The Arizona Latino Population

Latinos make up a large portion of the state of Arizona and yet there is a lot about the Arizona Latino population that many don't know. The culture is one of interesting history, a desire for freedom, family values, and people that are proud to be Latino. Here are nine fun facts you should know about the Latino population that can help you understand this big population in Arizona much better. 

Here Are 9 Facts About Being Latino In Arizona

1. Latinos Have Always Been In Arizona

Caucasians tend to think of Latinos as immigrants, but the truth is they were in Arizona long before it was a state. This makes perfect sense because, after all, Arizona was once a part of Mexico. That means people in the Arizona Latino population was living in the Phoenix area in 1868 when it was still a rural, unnamed part of northern Mexico. Phoenix wasn't founded until 1881, two decades after the war with Mexico.

2. Mexicans Had Positions Of Prominence In Early Arizona

This next fun fact will be particularly interesting for people interested in history and historical figures – whether well-known or not. The most well-known Mexican resident of Phoenix, Arizona was Enrique Garfias, who lived from 1849 to 1896. He was Phoenix’s first city marshal, and was elected by an overwhelming majority as the constable three times and also five times as a town marshal.

3. Celebration Dates Are Linked To Historical Dates

The dates we now know as Hispanic Heritage Month – which are September 15 through October 15 – weren't randomly picked. September 15 is important because it is the independence day of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Mexico and Chile have their independence day celebrations on September 16 and September 18. 

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4. Most Latino Children Speak Spanish At Home

Statistics show that 74 percent of Latino children over 5 years old speak Spanish at home rather than English. That's 35 million children speaking their native language. Many of these children also go on to learn English when they are out of the home – allowing them to know two languages. And we know how beneficial it is to know more than one language – especially in the job market.

5. Latinos Don't Just Include Those From Latin America

A total of 14 groups make up around 95 percent of this population in the U.S., including Arizona. This includes those from Mexico, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Spain, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Argentina. Each of these groups has its own unique culture and style, even though there are some commonalities too. 

6. The Family Is The Most Important Thing

Latinos live with the traditional family concept of a father heading the home and the mother as the homemaker. Along with that, Latinos feel a responsibility to help other family members when they have a problem like a health problem, unemployment, or financial problem. And when it comes to celebrating the good moments in life, Latino families never miss the opportunity to gather together and celebrate.

7. A Child's 15th Birthday Is A Big Deal

When it comes to a child’s 15th birthday, the Arizona Latino population treat it as a big deal because it symbolizes the child walking into a new chapter in their lives. This birthday is called a Fiesta Quinceañera or Fiesta Rosa. While the event is rooted in a Catholic celebration for both boys and girls, most Quinceañeras focus on girls' parties. It's a large, lavish event similar in significance to a debutant party or a Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish tradition.

8. The Piñata Wasn't Always A Party Game

The piñata was originally a spiritual lesson in the Latino population. It was star-shaped with seven points to represent the seven deadly sins or 10 points to represent the sins listed from breaking the 10 Commandments. It was made to be beautiful to show that sin was tempting. Children were blindfolded to show people were blind without spiritual knowledge and breaking it represented receiving spiritual enlightenment. This is one tradition that makes those in Arizona proud to be Latino.

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Learn All About The Latino Population In Arizona

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