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Follow This Registration Loan Checklist To Qualify Today

When faced with an emergency expense and seeking a short-term loan option in Arizona, consider Fast Auto Loans, Inc. Here, you can explore the possibility of obtaining vehicle registration loans. However, before proceeding, it's necessary to gather a registration loan checklist to ensure eligibility and understand the loan's requirements thoroughly. Continue reading to build your checklist and gain insight into these loans.

What Is A Registration Loan?

A registration loan is not a title loan for one distinct reason. Title loans allow you to put up your vehicle title as collateral for a loan. The thing with title loans is you must own the vehicle outright with no liens on it. That could be a problem if you are still making car payments. Registration loans, however, are when those who don't own their vehicle free and clear put up their vehicle registration as collateral instead.

This basically means if you are still making car payments and can’t qualify for a title loan, you can still apply for this loan and see if you meet the requirements! And just like our title loans, these types of loans are short-term loans used for quick cash to help with emergency expenses you can’t handle alone. And also like our title loans, you can still keep and use your vehicle whenever you want while you are repaying the loan. 

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Use This Guide To Create A Registration Loan Checklist

If you are interested in getting this loan, just as they would for any other loan, there are certain requirements you need to meet. It's best to make sure you meet all the requirements before you come to Fast Auto Loans, Inc. to officially apply for a loan. The good news is we keep our list of required items short and simple, so you can make sure you remember everything when it is time for you to come see us.

When it comes to checking your registration loan checklist, you’ll need to remember to have your Arizona driver's license, your vehicle registration issued in Arizona, your social security number, and an active checking account in your name. One thing to point out is that you must be an Arizona resident – that is of legal age – to get a registration loan. Your driver's license must be issued by Arizona as well as your vehicle registration.

It's also key that your vehicle registration is in your name, as we need to make sure you are the legal owner of the vehicle. Also keep in mind that while this isn’t a physical item, we will run a credit check prior to letting you know if you qualify for approval. Checking these things off your registration loan checklist before you meet with a loan representative will help your chances of getting the loan you need.

Advantages Of Getting A Registration Loan

Once you’ve got your registration loan checklist, this loan has a couple of advantages you should know. The first is that our loan representatives make sure this is a simple process for you to get through. Another advantage is people can obtain them even if they don't own their vehicle completely – and that can certainly help in an emergency. And finally, if you are approved for the registration loan, you can get the money either on the same day or the next bank business day.

Getting A Registration Loan In Arizona

Arizona residents can seek out registration loans from us at Fast Auto Loans Inc. when you need quick money. When it comes to how much you could get, our registration loans have a maximum $900 loan amount. And while we won’t specifically ask what you’ll use this money for, we strongly recommend only using this loan for emergency expenses. You’d never want to get a loan for anything frivolous or unnecessary. You can use this loan for the following:

  • Medical bills you can’t afford.
  • An emergency home repair.
  • Emergency last-minute travel.
  • Late utility bills.

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Even though you must fill out the formal loan application in a store, you don't have to go to a store to talk to a loan representative. The process starts by filling out an online inquiry form found on our website. A registration loan representative will then call you to explain more of how these types of loans work and make sure you have everything listed on a registration loan checklist. They will also direct you to the nearest registration loan location where you can come in to see if you're eligible.

The entire in-person process can take as little as 30 minutes to complete fully. And if you gain approval, you’ll get the money either that same day or the next. Keep in mind that filling out the online form is easy and only asks for your basic contact information. It also doesn't obligate you to take out a loan and allows you to ask a loan representative questions to see if a registration loan suits your needs.

Get The Registration Loan You Need Now

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to understand this kind of loan. And having your items from your registration loan checklist ready when the loan representative calls will only help in assessing your needs and eligibility. So don’t wait any longer and find out what you need to get in order to get this kind of loan! Once you are ready to begin, fill out the form to find out if a registration loan can help you!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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