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What if I Can’t Pay My Driving Ticket in Arizona?

One mistake on the road in Arizona can become a big pain in the form of a ticket. That’s especially true if you can’t pay driving ticket fees. Whether it’s for speeding or some other traffic infraction, there’s often no option but to pay driving ticket fees even when economic times are tough. Here’s what can happen if you don’t pay driving ticket fees — and a few ways you can get help.

Here Is What Happens If You Don’t Pay Driving Ticket

The Consequences

Arizona makes it very clear what happens when you do not pay driving ticket penalties. Multiple things can occur as a result. Foremost, you likely won’t be able to get behind the wheel. In Arizona, not paying a traffic fine will often result in the Motor Vehicle Department suspending your driving privileges completely.

You won’t be about to register and renew a registration on any type of vehicle as well until the fines are taken care of in full. And if you want to travel, there will likely be an issue in even that. Most states honor Arizona motor vehicle license suspensions, so getting your license in other states could be a major block.

Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department won’t let the fine go if you don’t pay driving ticket fees back in a timely manner. The case may be turned over to a not-so-friendly collection agency as well. On top of that, your fee balance may soon get larger with added surcharges and default penalty fees.

You may even have trouble getting a credit card since your non-payment information may be sent over to a credit bureau as well. And come tax season, you may also not get the refund you deserve. Arizona’s Debt Set Off Program may intercept your tax refund to cover the amount you owe.

You May Get A Break

The worst thing you can do when it comes to tickets is to ignore them. If you cannot afford to pay driving ticket fees in full, be honest about it and let a court clerk or judge know about your situation. Often, courts will agree to establish monthly payments so you can pay driving ticket fees and avoid further penalties. Keep in mind, that creating a payment schedule may include a one-time fee.

Many municipal courthouses in Arizona offer the state’s Compliance Assistance Program, or CAP, to help drivers pay driving ticket fees. CAP is designed to swiftly resolve traffic ticket fees that are past due and are preventing you from getting your Arizona driver’s license reinstated quickly.

Through CAP, you may be able to agree to a payment plan that will address parking, civil, and traffic charges — and you won’t have to see a judge. There’s a down payment required to establish such monthly payment plans. Once the monthly plan is set, the court will tell the Arizona DMV that you are complying with paying your fees. Then you can start getting your driving privileges back.

If You Ignore The Law, You Likely Won’t Be Driving Any Time Soon

Refusing to pay driving ticket fees in Arizona can have long-term consequences for your mobility. The state will likely suspend your license for a long amount of time depending on the severity of the violations. If other criminal violations are tied to your name and you rack up a certain amount of violation points, you will often see your driver’s license suspended for as long as a year.

If your traffic violation involves a fine but is also serious, a judge may decide to offer you the chance to take an Arizona defensive driving school course. Upon completion, traffic citation points will not be tied to your driving record, and you won’t be saddled forever with high insurance rates.


Consider Getting Help Through A Registration Loan In Arizona

Unexpected, expensive driving tickets can quickly become a problem if you are then hit with a financial emergency. If you’re struggling to handle paying your ticket and are then hit with a financial emergency you can’t handle, a registration loan in Arizona is an option for quick relief.

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Pay Back Your Ticket And Don’t Suffer The Consequences

Don’t let the inability to pay driving ticket fees impact your financial future. It is important to learn these consequences and find the help you need. And if you are hit with another financial emergency while you are repaying the ticket, fill out the online form to get a registration loan in Arizona quickly.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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