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Review Your Annual Necessity Expenses To Help Build Your Budget

A lot of people might already be used to including monthly expenses in their budget, but annual necessity expenses can quite often catch them off guard.

Of course, keeping these bills in mind is important. Did you know that you can actually lower your annual expenses if you take a moment to review them? The following pieces of advice might help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. Learn more about how to plan the following for car maintenance, insurances, birthdays and holidays, credit card fees and tax preparations for your annual expenses and how title loans in Az can help in your budget gaps.

How To Save On Your Annual Necessity Expenses

Annual Scheduled Car Maintenance

The average annual routine maintenance of your vehicle can cost around $800-$1,450 depending on how often you use your car. This is definitely not an appointment that you would want to miss as regular car maintenance will help you preserve the value of your vehicle for longer.

If you were ever to use your car as collateral to take out a loan, the vehicle’s good condition would help you qualify for a larger sum. Though you would have to visit a professional at least once a year, there are a few things that you can do to save a small fortune on car maintenance:

person building budget with text Review your annual necessity expenses to help  build your budget

  • Clean your battery every few months
  • Fill your tires as needed
  • Top up the essential fluids regularly
  • Change your engine air filter every 12,000 miles
  • Keep the car clean and wax it every 6 months


Having home, life, and car insurance might seem like a waste of money, but there might come a day when you would thank yourself for paying that annual fee. To make sure that you’re not overpaying for your insurance, you might want to:

  • Look for policy discounts and claim discounts for which you’re eligible
  • Shop around and compare
  • Buy only the coverage you need
  • Improve your credit score (in some cases, a bad credit score, poor payment history, or significant debt can impact your insurance premiums)

Birthdays & Holidays

An average American spends a little less than $900 on Christmas gifts alone. Depending on how many people decide to invite you over to their parties, you might end up spending twice or thrice as much throughout the year. The easiest way to save on such expenses is by planning ahead.

Create a list of all the people for whom you would like to buy a gift and set a budget for each one. Now, you can buy all the presents at once on Black Friday or Amazon’s Prime Day. This will help you save a few hundred bucks, as well as plenty of time and nerves.

Credit Card Fees

Often, annual credit card fees range from $49 to around $500. If you’re constantly taking advantage of the generous bonuses offered to the cardholders (like discounts, cashback, and travel perks), then paying such a sum might be worth it.

Many people end up not using any of the bonuses. If you’re one of them, why not go for a non-annual-fee credit card? Some of those still allow you to earn bonuses, by the way.

Tax Preparation Fees

The average cost for a basic tax form preparation is around $220. You can save this amount by doing the taxes yourself, in case you have a limited number of income sources and you're planning on taking the standard deduction. Hiring a professional might be worth it, if your taxes are complicated, as a tax pro can potentially help you get more deductions or credits.

Should You Budget For Annual Expenses?

Ideally, you would want to set aside a certain sum each month specifically to cover your next year’s annual expenses. If you manage to do that, you will have a lot less financial-related questions to worry about.

However, that may change in case an emergency strikes. An unexpected expense might arise when you least expect it. And if you don’t want all your budgeting strategies to go down the drain, you can consider going for a title loan.

How To Take Out A Title Loan

If you decide to apply for a title loan in Az offered by Fast Auto Loans, Inc., you might get up to $15,000 in the shortest timeframe. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

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Get Your Urgent Cash Today!

Reviewing your annual necessity expenses is a great way to prepare your budget for unavoidable bills. Furthermore, by planning out your annual finances, you might end up saving an impressive amount. But, unfortunately, just one single financial disaster might ruin all your plans.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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