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What To Know About The Hispanic Population In Arizona

The US is home to many cultures spread across different states throughout the country. One such culture that has long attracted attention and interest is Arizona’s Hispanic community.

Hispanic society is virtually intertwined with Arizona's identity. The Mexican and Spanish populations which governed the territory impacted Arizona from its initial periods as a settlement. Signs of their historical impact on architecture, food, art, and language can still be seen across the region.

In this article, we will provide some background information about the rich and vibrant culture of the Hispanic population in Arizona and its impact on the state’s economy.

Learn All About Hispanics Living In Arizona

What To Know About The Origin Of Hispanics In Arizona

Hispanic Americans are descendants of Spanish-speaking people who live in the United States. Because most Hispanics have Latin American ancestors, they are also known as Latinos. Hispanic Americans were the second fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States by annual growth in 2012, after only Asian Americans.

Native Americans and Hispanics of Indigenous heritage are the ancient immigrant communities that settled much of what is now the United States. Hispanics are the biggest ethnic minority in the United States, accounting for more than one-sixth of the total population.

More than 50 million Hispanic Americans live in all 50 states. The Hispanic population in Arizona has played a significant part in driving population increases in the United States during the last decade.

Arizona Hispanic Sports, Music, And Cuisine

Many Hispanics prefer to listen to music from their native nations rather than songs from the United States. Recent arrivals to Arizona primarily listened to Spanish music, but Hispanics who have been in the USA for a long time primarily listen to English music. Reggaeton and hip hop are the most popular categories among Hispanic youngsters in the United States.

Soccer is a popular sport among Hispanics, especially immigrants from Latin America. Baseball is a popular sport among Caribbean Hispanics. Martial arts, boxing, football, and basketball are other popular sports.

Hispanic cuisine, particularly Mexican cuisine, has had an important impact on American food culture and eating habits. Mexican cuisine has become so popular in American society that many people no longer consider it to be an ethnic meal. Tortillas with salsa are potentially becoming as widespread in the United States as hamburger buns and ketchup.

In terms of yearly sales, tortilla chips have overtaken potato chips, while plantain chips, which are famous in Caribbean cuisines, have continued to grow in popularity.  

In recent years, tropical fruits such as mango, guava, and passion fruit have grown in popularity and are now frequent ingredients in American pastries, candies, and cuisine dishes.


What To Know About Arizona Hispanic Education

Hispanics have had a significant influence on the education system as the Hispanic population in the United States has grown. Further studies indicate that the Hispanic population in the United States will continue to rise, implying that even more Hispanics will attend schools in the United States.

The condition of Hispanic education is promising. First, Hispanic pupils in kindergarten were more likely to be enrolled in full-day programs. Furthermore, the Hispanic population in Arizona was the second-largest group represented in special education programs in elementary education.

Thirdly, Hispanics' average national assessment of educational progress in math and reading has risen steadily over the previous decade.  Finally, people from the Arizona Hispanic population are more likely to attend college than other ethnicities, such as white individuals. 

The Arizona Hispanic population currently accounts for 80% of English-language learners in the United States.  Hispanics are the second or third biggest ethnic minority at Ivy League colleges, which are regarded as the most renowned in the United States. Hispanic enrolment at Ivy League schools has progressively grown over time.

The Economic Outlook Of The Hispanic Population In Arizona

The median household income of Hispanic Americans was $50,486 in 2017. This is the third year in a row that Hispanic-origin households' median household income has increased.

According to the United States Census, the Hispanic poverty rate in 2017 was 18.3 percent, dropping from 19.4 percent in 2016. Hispanics represented 10.8 million of the poor. 

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The Future of Hispanic Arizonans

Arizonans of Hispanic descent now account for about one-third of the population of the state, and their effect on the region's companies and economic growth is enormous.

As a result, any kind of support and help extended to this rich and vibrant community will have a tremendous positive impact on the future of Arizona and the United States as a whole.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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