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10 Things To Do Without Money In Arizona

The best things in life are free — especially in Arizona! Its stunning nature parks, botanical gardens, and numerous cultural and historical attractions are just waiting to be explored. So grab your car keys and cue your favorite driving playlist, because this is your ticket to ride to some of the best things to do without money in Arizona, and if you're in need of fast cash get title loans online with Fast Auto Loans, Inc.

Enjoy Clear Skies And Fresh Air At The South Mountain Park

This is the world’s largest city park, sprawling across 16,000 acres. You can walk or bike along any of its 58 miles of trails, or drive to the mountain peak for a breathtaking view of the city. It’s also the perfect place for a picnic lunch, romantic scroll, or a few quiet hours to yourself.

Enjoy Modern And Contemporary Art At The Phoenix Art Museum

Even if you’re not an art lover, you’ll enjoy your visit to the Phoenix Art Museum. This is one of the country’s largest collections of modern and contemporary visual art. You’ll see diverse pieces from artists from all over the world. The museum also offers free guided tours, and even holds special exhibits.

Unleash Your Inner Einstein At The Arizona Science Center

The interactive exhibits will bring science concepts to life. Some of the most popular exhibits include Forces of Nature, Solarville, and My Digital World. If you have young kids, this is also a great way to nurture their curiosity and learn something new together.

Visit The Musical Instrument Museum

If you are into music and its history, this is the museum for you. This exhibit will help you appreciate different kinds of music, costumes, and the cultures they belong to.

Discover Rare Desert Plants At The Desert Botanical Garden

It’s amazing how some of the most beautiful plants in the world bloom in the harshest and driest conditions. This 140-acre garden showcases their stunning and inspiring beauty. Admission is free on the second Tuesday of the month, so mark your calendars!

Drive Through The Apache Trail

You don’t need an admission ticket to see one of Arizona’s most incredible views. This road winds through canyons, interesting geological formations, fields filled with desert plants and wildflowers, and sparkling lakesides.

Watch The Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

If you’re a sports buff, you get a chance to watch the Arizona Cardinals’ practice sessions. If you’re lucky, you may even get to take good pics and even an autograph! The training camp is open to the public the month before the beginning of football season. Check the schedule dates so you know when to go!

Watch A Free Concert

The Chandler Symphony Orchestra often holds free concerts, but check the schedules and try to arrive early so you’ll be able to get good seats.

During the summer, fall, and winter, the Glendale Community College also hosts free outdoor concerts featuring their talented student choirs and musical ensembles.

From January to March, the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall also holds annual musical performances by the representatives of Native American tribal nations such as the Apache, Hopi, Diné, and Akimel-au-authm.

Go Back In Time And Visit A Ghost Town

If you are interested in being teleported back into time, this is the activity for you. The old buildings capture a time that has long since passed but is still a big part of American history and culture.

Enjoy The Night Sky At A Planetarium

Get an exceptionally good view of the stars at The La Mesa Community College, which does not charge admission. Some planetariums also have free admission days, so just check the schedules of the one nearest you.


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If you find yourself in Arizona looking for things to do without money, you are in luck! There is plenty of things you could do and see while you are here that cost absolutely nothing!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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