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Part Time Jobs From Home That Actually Pay Well

Part time jobs from home have an appealing ring to them, especially in a post-pandemic world. If Covid-19 has taught people anything, it’s that without diversifying one’s streams of income, true financial security is unachievable.

And most people took it as a cue to look into part time jobs from home. Getting one, at best, could be supplemental income to help you stand a little stronger; at worst it could become a lifeline.

That said, you must keep in mind most part time jobs from home don’t usually pay very well due to a combination of multiple factors, competition chief among them. People all over the world are looking for part time jobs from home that pay well, and thanks to the internet, living in another country doesn’t stop them from being in direct competition with you.

Still, that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Rather just carefully consider the field you wish to work in and come up with a solid game plan. Part time jobs from home that pay well are out there – but it might just take you a little while to find a position that suits you.

Check Out These Part Time Jobs From Home

1. Transcribing

Transcribing can be a surprisingly lucrative field if you’ve already got a good sound system and can type fast. Your income as a transcriber will depend on the field you’ll be working in and your turnaround time.

While a salaried transcriptionist can earn anywhere between $15-$30, a transcriptionist that’s paid by the project, usually earns around $1-1.50 per minute, with more specialized fields like medical and legal paying up to $3-5 per minute.

As part time jobs from home go, this is a surprisingly underrated field, considering you could earn up to $1000 working just 2-3 hours a day.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is possibly the most oversaturated market when it comes part time jobs from home. Rates have been dropping for writing jobs, with employers often having the gull to offer just $5 for 1000 words.

But if you’re diligent, have a good portfolio, and can offer prospective employer niche knowledge, you could easily be earning ten times that – or more! That means $100+ for a 2000 word article you could write in a couple of days. Not bad, right?

3. Bookkeeper

If you’re an accountant or work in a related field, you could start offering your services as a bookkeeper. The main appeal of bookkeeping is that as long as you maintain accurate ledgers and meet your deadlines, you’re usually free to set your own hours.

More and more small businesses are opting to switch to freelance bookkeepers instead of having a salaried one on the team, but you’d still be able to earn above $15 per hour (per client), and if you’re able to build up a client base, it might even become your main source of income. Not bad as part time jobs from home go, right?

4. Digital Marketing Specialist

More part-time digital marketer positions can be found on the web, offering decent salaries for a few hours of work per day.

Junior digital marketing specialists are usually responsible for assisting with market research, marketing campaigns, and content creation. And since most of their job is strictly web-based, more agencies are opting for having part-time help on hand.

5. Computer Programmer

And there it is, the king of part time jobs from home. If you’re a good coder/web developer/software developer/etc., then you’ll likely have the luxury of setting not only your hours but your deadlines as well.

For a fiercely competitive field, the average salary is still around $40 an hour – with cream of the crop getting much higher compensation. It is a highly specialized field, but if you’re looking into changing careers, maybe you should think about giving it a chance.


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