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Under a Financial Emergency? Here's What You Can Do Next

There’s a natural inclination we all have to panic when we’re going through an emergency. Stress closes around us in a cage, and our world narrows to the situation at hand. And while it's an understandable reaction, it’s also unfortunately a counterproductive one. The best way to deal with an emergency is to remain cool-headed and rational, as difficult as it may be.

What does that mean exactly, though? And how do you achieve it? What are the concrete steps? What can you do to recover from an emergency? Lucky for you, today we’re here to answer exactly that question.

The Advantages of Remaining Rational

During the flashpoint of an emergency, many of the immediate steps you can take will determine the severity of it. For example, a car accident can become exponentially worse if you don’t contact your insurance soon after, or even do something as foolish as hit and running which can potentially open you up to huge legal liability.

As you can see, doing the wrong thing can cause emergencies to deepen and become worse. Doing the right thing though can also minimize their damage. In the case of a medical emergency for example, going to the hospital early can be critical in making sure your condition doesn’t worsen and require even more expensive intervention.

Next Steps

After you’ve weathered the immediate storm of an emergency and you have a moment to breath, the first thing to do is to put out the fire for good. This means taking stock of what needs to be done: to continue the hospital example from above, this means asking for an itemized bill from the hospital to ensure that they aren’t overcharging you. It also means deciding how much of it you can pay off immediately, and what your payment plan in the future will look like.

Too often after the stress and anxiety of a financial emergency, we default to shrinking away from the world and recovering. And while self care is important, putting off something like figuring out how you’re going to pay a hospital bill till later can be just as expensive and bad as the original emergency that spawned it.

Plan For Next Time

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The final step to take in recovering from a financial emergency is in thinking ahead and planning so it doesn’t happen again. After all, the best defense is a strong offense. And that offense should be a two pronged affair: maintaining a strong financial base, and having a plan in place so you don’t panic and know what to do in the contingency of another emergency.

The most effective way to save money and maintain a strong economic base is with a budget. A budget can be as simple or as complicated as you like, and there are countless methods out there, but at its most fundamental it’s about knowing your income, your expenses, and what’s left over. Once you have that information it’s significantly easier to then know which parts of your life need to be snipped away to save for others. A budget is equivalent to a steering wheel for your life, and without one you’ll invariably be all over the road.

Having a plan in place for emergencies is trickier because emergencies are inherently difficult to predict, but they’re not entirely unplannable. For example, at some point it’s likely your car will break down while you’re driving. And that situation you can plan for: know who to call to pick you up, what tow company, what mechanic shop is most reliable. Take a look at every aspect of your life and think actively about what parts of it could go wrong and what you would do in that eventuality.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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