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Why Is My Credit Card Declined?

There are over 537 million active credit cards in the United States, and the average adult holds a little over two cards at any given time.

Despite all of those active cards, many still encounter difficulties when using them. Many often find their credit card declined, whether making purchases big or small.

What’s going on exactly when there’s a credit card declined? Several different issues may be at play. Yes, it’s a frustrating and often embarrassing moment when you have a credit card declined. Learn how the following reasons could be a factor for that declined credit card:

  • Missing Payments
  • Hit the credit limit
  • Unique purchase or traveling
  • Update your information
  • Pending transactions

Learn how each of these could pinpoint the financial issue and make some helpful changes. Additionally, learn how a title loan online may help with financial emergencies.

Possible Reasons Your Credit Card Was Declined

You’ve Been Missing Payments

Most credit card providers give customers a break when it comes to missed payments. When you miss a payment for the very first time, it can usually be settled and forgiven without fees.

But it’s a history of missed payments that may lead to a credit card being declined, even if you’re not very late. You can usually find some other way to pay at the register if this happens to you, but if it’s a long-term problem, consider using autopay to avoid further issues.

You’ve Hit The Credit Limit

Arguably the reason that triggers most credit card declines, meeting a credit limit means you are maxing out the credit an issuer has given you. In general, those with better credit histories have higher limits.

If you have a history of meeting your limit very quickly it’s either time to adjust your spending habits or talk to your credit issuer to see if there’s an option for a higher credit limit.

Financial advisers generally recommend keeping your credit balances lower than 30% of your total credit limit.

You’re Making A Unique Purchase Or Traveling

Credit card issuers have a good number of procedures in place to prevent fraud, and any of those may lead to your credit card being declined. A common trigger is making a purchase that is extremely large or spending a good amount of money in a short amount of time at various places.

If such behavior is out of the norm, issuers may flag it as fraud. Additionally, purchases made while traveling, in places you rarely visit or are visiting for the first time, may also lead to your card being declined until the matter is resolved.

You Need To Update Your Information

It’s sometimes tough to keep track of credit cards, especially if you carry many at one time. Having a credit card declined could just mean that the personal information tied to the card is outdated, including if you have an expired card still on file or your billing address is changed.

Sometimes you may just be inputting the wrong information, such as your card number or expiration date. Always double-check if your information is correct before making an online purchase and take a look at the information you put in after a purchase is declined to see if it’s a simple typo.

You Have A Pending Transaction That’s Large

Some big purchases — think a long hotel stay or a rental car — may lead to a hold being placed on your card so a company feels confident that you will be able to cover a final bill. Depending on the issuer, you may encounter your credit card declined for other purchases if there is a lingering hold.

Different companies have different hold lengths, so be sure to ask how long you can expect a hold to be placed on your card before making other purchases.

A Title Loan Online May Help With Financial Emergencies

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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