Build a Spring Garden With These Cash-Savvy Tips

March 5, 2019 | By Mason Roberts

Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts and growth, and what better way to celebrate than to start a garden of your own this year?

Making a garden this spring can not only help you:

  • Reconnect with Mother Nature
  • Develop better eating habits
  • Save money at the store

Build a Spring Garden on a Budget

Find out how these easy ways to plant and grow your own personal garden can help put more green on your plate and in your wallet, too.

Choose Wisely

Before you get started with your planting project, you want to make sure that you’re making the best use of the space you have, and the available resources in your area. There are plenty of native plants that will grow throughout the year if conditions allow.

Do your homework to find plants that suit your climate, your space, and your lifestyle. Also be sure to choose herbs, fruits, and vegetables that you and your family can easily work into your normal diet.

Start With Soil

It might sound obvious, but if you want quality food the best place to start is with quality soil. Using chemical fertilizers to enrich your potting soil might produce faster results, but there are numerous eco-friendly alternatives to achieve the same results naturally by composting:

  • Yard waste
  • Eggs shells
  • Leftover food
  • Coffee grounds

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, find out if your local Starbucks participates in Grounds for Your Garden. This initiative donates used coffee grounds from their daily operations to help aspiring gardeners save tons on enriching their soil while making the world a little greener.

Get Inexpensive or Free Seeds

Not sure where to find seeds to get your garden started this spring? Check out seed libraries in Arizona from Phoenix to Tucson – many of them even host gardening workshops for beginners.

If you and your family go through a lot of fruits and veggies already, why not use the seeds instead of throwing them away? Give your discarded fruits and veggies new life as the seeds and even compost for a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Save on Supplies

Chances are, you already have most of what you need to get a basic garden started. If you’re short on cash and green thumbs run in your family, you might already have someone you can reach out to for supplies like gloves and a trowel. If you want your own supplies, visiting your local ReStore location is a good way to give back and save more on your garden or home improvement project. Every purchase helps Habitat for Humanity build strong and stable homes as well as strong and stable communities.

And DIY isn’t just for the folks on HGTV. Upcycled planters can be made from anything from palettes to tin cans for next to nothing. Do you have an old chair that you love but have no room for anymore?

Just throw on a couple of coats of fresh paint and replace the seat with a coir-lined basket and give it new life as a quirky planter this spring. There are hundreds of ways you can use the thing you already have available to you to make your project as creative and unique as you are.

Use Eco-Friendly Pest Control Methods

Weeds and pests will crop up in even the best-kept of plots, so what is a new gardener to do? If you’re looking for a more eco-friend solution to your herbicide or pesticide quandry, the answer might be in your own pantry. If regular weeding isn’t cutting it, a mixture of vinegar, salt, dish soap and a little bit of sunshine will dry out stubborn weeds in just a few spot treatments.

Pests like to live and breed under weeds, weak plants and debris, so maintaining your garden and using seaweed-based mulch are great rules of thumb when it comes to prevention.

If pests are still taking a bite out of your garden, try to identify the responsible parties and check out home remedies to prevent them from scarfing down all of your hard work.

Plant the Seeds for Your Financial Growth

Before asking yourself, “Where can I find title loans in Phoenix?” this spring, determine what you have and what you need. You don’t need to spend much to get started, and the herbs, fruits and vegetables you grow at home can save you a pretty penny at the grocery store.

When it comes to building your garden this spring, simplifying your approach and taking inventory of what you already have can help reach your gardening goals for next to nothing.

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